Security Control Integrators Client Success Story

“We have evolved from a company that focuses on what we do and how we do it, to why we do it,” stated Clay […]

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What Should Your Insurance Broker Be Doing Throughout the Year?

Insurance can be a daunting topic. Many people don’t take the time to step back and ask the right questions, and even worse, neither […]

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Cybersecurity Checklist for Middle-Market Businesses

According to RSM, a consulting service for middle-market companies, “Compared to large enterprises, middle-market companies simply do not have the same time, budget and […]

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Managing Cyber Risk for Life Sciences

For all businesses, a cyberattack can be devastating, but it’s especially devastating for life sciences companies. This is due to the life sciences industry […]

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What Manufacturers Should Do As Supply Chain Disruptions Continue

Supply chain disruptions can have a huge impact on a business’ expected profits with little-to-no warning. As many know, the COVID-19 Pandemic started the […]

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Cybersecurity Tips You Need To Protect Your Business

Cybersecurity is not just an industry buzzword, it has the ability to majorly impact your life and your business.  Hackers are relentless and they […]

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How to Tackle Complex Claims

A complex claim can seriously affect you and your company if not handled correctly or if you are not prepared. Below is a breakdown […]

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Georgia’s Rise on the Judicial Hellhole List & the Increase of Insurance Rates

In 2021, Georgia was listed as #3 of the worst judicial jurisdictions in the nation. Georgia’s continual rise on the judicial hellhole list has […]

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How Can Your Business Avoid Cybercrime?

Did you know that there are an average of 2,244 cyberattacks per day? This means there are one every 39 seconds. (University of Maryland […]

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Signs to Know if Your Current Insurance Process is Outdated

Imagine if there was a better way to think about the traditional, outdated means of approaching your insurance process. If you start to notice […]

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How to Handle Insurance After an Automobile Accident

Automobile crashes are on the rise.  The first six months of 2021 saw the largest spike in automobile deaths ever reported, a nearly 20% […]

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Umbrella Insurance: What Do You Need to Consider?

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it is important to consider if your umbrella insurance limit is sufficient. General insurance doesn’t cover […]

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