Business Insurance Renewal Checklist

Business Insurance Renewal Checklist

Business insurance serves as a crucial safety net for your businesses, protecting you and providing financial security. When your renewal period approaches, it is essential to not only carefully review your insurance coverages and limits but to think through changes to your business that might affect those policies. You want to ensure comprehensive coverage that aligns with your evolving needs. 

Here’s a checklist of business changes to think through before business insurance renewal: 

Other things to consider:

Avoid leaving your insurance renewal process to the last minute. Your agent should start the process well in advance to allow ample time for gathering information, evaluating options, and negotiating terms.

If your agent isn’t being proactive by meeting with you in person, reviewing your coverages, limits and exposures,  and asking these questions (and more) ahead of time, it might be time to seriously consider selecting a new firm/agent. You can learn more about our business insurance services here.

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