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Our 70th Anniversary- The Journey to Better Outcomes

It’s officially been 70 years since we started our adventure as Snellings Walters, and each day we continue to reach new goals and grow. […]

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The Problem at Hand with Employee Benefits

Choosing the best employee benefits package can feel complicated, stressful, and confusing, but it doesn’t have to.   Here are the issues companies face and […]

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How to Build a Company Where Your People are Fulfilled

Your company’s success should not be dependent on if goals within the company are being met or exceeded. It should also be based on […]

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The Why Behind Our Redefined Uniques

For us, it’s about more than just insurance. It’s about engaging in the lives of others. To better engage in the lives of others […]

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Georgia’s Rise on the Judicial Hellhole List & the Increase of Insurance Rates

In 2021, Georgia was listed as #3 of the worst judicial jurisdictions in the nation. Georgia’s continual rise on the judicial hellhole list has […]

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Client Success Story: White Brother’s Auto Parts

As a growing business, it is crucial to always be trying to find ways to make you better tomorrow than you are today. That’s […]

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