Named Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Place to Work 2023!

We can’t stop smiling!

Last month, Atlanta Business Chronicle awarded us the Best Place to Work in the Medium Business category! Our journey has always been about more than just numbers. It’s about the growth that’s personal, the culture that’s engaging, and the values that drive us forward. This year, we were honored to be recognized as the Best Place to Work in Atlanta.

A direct reflection of our employee engagement

Engagement isn’t just a buzzword around the office; it’s our way of life. One of our employees beautifully summed it up, saying, “I have been with Snellings Walters for over 5 years now. It has been a great place to work from day one. They have always made me feel cared for and valued both personally and professionally.” This sentiment echoes throughout our organization.

Our internal motto, “If the growth you’re experiencing isn’t personal, then it’s not growth,” isn’t just a saying – it’s a philosophy we live by. We invest in the personal and professional growth of all our employees, providing opportunities for advancement and leadership development. We believe that when people work in their strengths, the entire organization thrives.

Hear from our leaders

Billy Potter, our CEO, emphasized that our success isn’t just about numbers. He explained, “It’s not the numbers. The story is from our spouses and how they describe their gratitude and appreciation for where their loved ones work and how it’s changing their lives.”

We run a leadership development program based heavily on Chick-fil-A’s leadership development program. “It’s one of the strongest programs we have in the agency,” said Jennifer Goodwyn, integrator. “It is amazingly consistent with our values.”

How was the data gathered for this award? 

Participating in the Best Places to Work program was a reflection of our commitment to employee engagement. This program measures a wide range of research-validated workplace factors that impact employee engagement and satisfaction. It’s about fostering a workplace where employees willingly go above and beyond, advocate for the organization, and intend to stay.

This year, 45 of our dedicated employees completed the survey, and their responses averaged an impressive score of 97.40, making us the top choice in the Medium Company category.

Read what our team has to say about working at Snellings Walters 

“We’re all rowing the boat in the same direction for the same goal. When we get off track, we have the weekly mechanism and encouragement to voice questions, concerns, and issues.” 

“I have grown so much personally and professionally working at Snellings Walters. I feel supported and challenged by leadership and my peers to get out of my comfort zone and achieve things I thought perhaps I wasn’t capable of.”

“We are growing quickly, and we are feeling the stretch of that growth. However, our leadership is very clear on where we are and where we are going and why.” 

We believe in creating a work environment where everyone thrives. Our culture of engagement, personal growth, and authenticity has propelled us to the top, and we’re committed to continuing this journey. As we look to the future, we remain true to our core values – engaged, accountable, curious, and authentic. 

Thank you, Atlanta Business Chronicle, for recognizing our commitment to our employees and our mission to make growth personal. We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for us – we’re a rocket, not a rowboat!

Are you looking to work for the best place in Atlanta? Meaningful work should be where professional and personal growth meet. Join our team!

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