What is the Hybrid Work Model?

What is the Hybrid Work Model?

As we near the end of the pandemic, companies are looking ahead at how they will proceed with the future of work. With most large and small businesses accustomed to working from home for over a year now, the post-pandemic work transition will be an adjustment. According to a recent report from PwC, 55% of 1,200 workers surveyed said that they would prefer to work remotely three days a week.

What is the hybrid work model? And how do you maintain company culture with it? Let’s take a deeper look. 

What is the hybrid work model? 

The hybrid work model is a new idea of combining remote work with being in the office part-time – leaving it up to the company to determine how many days a week at home vs. in the office makes sense for their teams. 

How do you maintain company culture in a hybrid work model? 

According to a study done by Gartner, 30% of business leaders are concerned about maintaining company culture if they move fully to the hybrid work model. Companies will have to continue to be extremely mindful of ways they can incorporate team building and culture into day-to-day work with the hybrid model, so their company culture is maintained. Here are a few ideas for maintaining culture in a hybrid work model: 

  • Communication is Key: Make sure your leaders are open and communicating frequently. 
  • Shared Purpose: Purpose has always been a key to productivity and success, but will be especially important when you’re aren’t together every day of the week. Read more about the importance of purpose and company values here. 
  • Team Building: Creating a team that trusts each other and has a strong sense of belonging is extremely important to developing a healthy company culture. It’s hard to build relationships through a screen, so on one of your days where your team is working in person, maybe you take a 30-minute break and participate in a team-building activity. For the days where your team is working from home, here are a few helpful tips for fostering camaraderie in a digital environment. 

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