4 Tips for Fostering Workplace Camaraderie in a Digital Age

workplace camaraderie

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever to create a workplace that fosters employee camaraderie. With the onset of the pandemic and most businesses moving to work from home, it can be hard to experience team bonding through a screen. Let’s face it, Zoom can only do so much. Our team at Snellings places a strong emphasis on team building. Here are 4 tips for fostering workplace camaraderie in a digital age. 

Coffee Chats 

Zoom is a helpful tool, but it can be easy to get into the pattern of hopping on for a meeting with an agenda and missing out on casual conversations unrelated to work with coworkers. When you are in an office environment every day, it is much easier to strike up conversations about personal interests, weekend activities, or hobbies as you’re on your way to lunch or the bathroom. In our digital world, this happens much less. 

Virtual coffee chats are a great way to encourage employees to take breaks and talk about topics unrelated to work. Try testing it out! Set aside 30 minutes on the calendar each week for your team to hop on a call, with one rule – you can’t talk about work. 

Call When You Can 

Calling vs. instant messaging is always a more effective form of communication. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to call for a quick question, but when you can, always call your coworkers. Calling fosters camaraderie and allows for increased human interaction during the day. 

Virtual Lunches 

Another great way to foster workplace camaraderie is to host virtual lunches. When you’re in the office, lunches are typically a time where employees bond. When working from home, it can be easier to work straight through lunch. Encouraging your employees to take a lunch break gives them a chance to take a break and communicate with one another midday. Another plus is lunch breaks are proven to increase productivity! 

Book Reviews 

Lastly, hosting company book reviews are a great way to encourage employees to be continually learning, and it improves workplace morale. At Snellings, we read different books each quarter with our team and come together to review them over lunch. 

Creating a team that trusts each other and has a strong sense of belonging is extremely important to developing a healthy company culture. In today’s digital age, this is becoming increasingly more difficult. Here are a few more working from home tips. To learn more about what we do and our company culture at Snellings Walters, click here. 

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