The Best Way to Improve Cybersecurity is to Start with Your Employees

Imaginative visual of business people and financial firms staff improving cybersecurity

It’s probably no surprise to you that in 2020 155.8 million individuals were impacted by data exposures. (Statista) Working from home due to Covid-19 has created even more opportunities for cybercriminals to attack. Technology has changed our world and how we communicate, but it has also increased vulnerabilities to security risks. The best way to improve cybersecurity is to start with your employees. 

Your employees are the human firewalls for your business. 

If your employees don’t have proper training, then they won’t have the proper precautions in place to protect your business. It starts with education. 

You need a comprehensive cybersecurity training program for your employees, so they are set up with the tools that they need to lead your business toward further success and know what to look out for. Using strong passwords, creating backups, and updating your systems are all great ways to improve your cybersecurity. At the end of the day, employee errors play a part in about 90% of all data breaches.

Also, cybersecurity employee training is for everyone in your organization, no matter what their role or title is. Nobody is exempt from making a small mistake and opening the door up to hackers. Employee training is just a piece of the puzzle. For more ways to improve your cybersecurity, click here. 

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