6 Ways to Improve Cybersecurity

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With virtually all business transactions and interactions taking place from within our computers and data systems, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity threats are amongst some of the top threats to businesses. While the online world allows you to reach a broader customer base, it also presents the potential for scams and security risks. That’s why it’s vital to know these ways to improve cybersecurity for your business.


Hackers are more apt to look at small businesses for an attack rather than larger corporations, solely because many small businesses lack proper security and prevention practices. A breach could cause your business to lose money, information, and, most importantly, customer relationships.

The scariest part of breaches is that most businesses don’t even realize it happens until way after its original occurrence. Preventing cyber incidents goes further than just IT; employee errors play a part in about 90% of all data breaches. Properly training your employees, investing time into keeping technology up to date, and enforcing high-security practices can all decrease your desirability to hackers and keep your business safe from cyber risk.

6 Ways to Improve Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s best to treat it as a “when” it happens situation instead of an “if” it happens scenario. It’s easier to prevent a situation than clean up the mess it leaves afterward.

Here are 6 ways to increase cybersecurity:

  • Update your computers. Regularly updating your laptops, desktops, and mobile devices ensure that you are getting the newest protection against threats. Any software that is stored on your company computer needs to be updated, along with any mobile apps. The older the version is, the easier it is for a hacker to break the barriers to access the information within the device.
  • Limit access. It goes without saying that no one outside of your employees should have the information needed to access your computers and accounts. Even employees should be limited to the amount of information that they have access to. Only give employees access to information that is necessary to do their job to the best of their ability. The more people who know how to get in, the more vulnerable your business is to an attack.
  • Screen your employees. It’s shocking how many businesses that use software with a large amount of private data and information don’t conduct background checks on their employees. An employee with a criminal past is (usually) a good indicator that they should not be allowed to access vital information. It’s better to have a full understanding of who you are hiring into your organization than to hope for the best.
  • Use strong passwords. There’s a reason that there is a password strength indication meter on many login pages. Having passwords that are easily recognizable or that contain basic company information can increase your chance of falling victim to an attack. You should be changing your passwords every couple of months, especially after an employee leaves the company.
  • Create backups. File backups, data backups, and backup bandwidth capabilities will help your business retain information should it go missing. Any vital information should immediately be copied and secured, whether you store it on your desktop or in the cloud. Use encryption and passwords for the most possible coverage.
  • Secure wifi. Accessing data through wifi is an extremely easy way for hackers to get in. When setting up wifi for your business, set up two different accounts: one public and one private. The public wifi should be open to guests, and the private wifi should be limited to employee use only. Be sure to limit wifi use to personal laptops and mobile devices if possible.

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