A Behind the Scenes Look at Our New Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms

The world is pivoting, and so are we! At Snellings Walters, we care about connection and meaningful relationships. 

As the world has shifted, we have adapted and changed how we are primarily connecting with our employees and clients. Even though communication is more screen-heavy these days, we have done everything we can to make it a great experience. Here is a little behind the scenes look at our new Zoom rooms. 

We transformed three of our conference rooms into Zoom rooms by adding larger TVs, microphones, and a cohesive space to host Zoom meetings. Moving forward, our employees will have more time working remotely, and we will probably never again, or rarely, have 100% attendance in the office. Thinking into the future, we wanted to ensure that all of our employees and clients, whether working remotely or in our office, felt included and a part of meetings, so upgrading our technology felt like the best solution! 

Check out a behind the scenes glimpse of our new Zoom rooms and Bobby Lougher, one of our Client Managers, testing out our new mics. 

Along with transforming all of our conference rooms and adding new TVs and microphones, we have also had a little fun with our Zoom backgrounds. We are all tackling this new transition, and to make our daily video calls more interesting for our clients and employees, we created branded Snellings Walters backgrounds. Here are a few of our new Zoom backgrounds: 

Working from home can become tiring, so it’s important to keep things fun and interesting! Here are a few resources from our team on working from home: 

• 3 Benefits You Can Offer Employees While Working from Home

• Personal Cybersecurity Tips for Working At Home

• 3 Tips for Maintaining Employee Morale while WFH

Have any other ideas for keeping Zoom fun and maintaining morale while working remotely? Let us know on our LinkedIn page.

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