3 Tips for Securing Company Passwords

securing company passwords

One of the biggest risks for your business is security. Every business, no matter the size, can be prone to cyberattacks. Ensuring that your company has strong passwords is one step in the right direction to becoming more secure. Here are 3 tips for securing company passwords. 

1. Find a Strong Password Management Tool 

A strong password management tool is essential to ensuring security at your company. Password management tools keep track of your passwords; so you don’t end up writing them in your notes on your computer, or even worse, a sticky note on your desk and losing it. When selecting a tool, make sure to look for something easy to use and integrate into your business. 

2. Create Complex Passwords 

Here’s a simple trick to remember – if a password is easy for you to remember, it’s going to be easy for a hacker to access. Using simple passwords across company accounts and for personal use is asking to be hacked. Make randomized passwords, add in capitalization, symbols, and even misspelled words for strength. Also, make sure to create long passwords. The longer the password, the harder it is for hackers to guess. 

3. Don’t Reuse Passwords 

According to a Google Online Security Survey, 65% of people reuse the same password for multiple, if not all, accounts. It’s important to use a different password for each account. If you reuse passwords across multiple accounts, and a hacker happens to access one account, then you just gave them an open door to hack all of your accounts with the same password. 

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