Why Use An Insurance Broker For Your Business

why use an insurance broker

Looking for insurance for your complex business, but not sure where to go or even who to be looking at? That’s a common issue many business owners face in today’s world – specifically, the argument between using an insurance agent vs. broker. To help make navigating the insurance world just a little easier, we put together a guide that will answer, “why use an insurance broker”.

What is an Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker consults with businesses to find the right coverages for an owner and their employees. Brokers don’t work for one particular insurance provider, they get licensed to sell products from multiple companies so they can match the right company with the right product.

What Can Insurance Brokers Protect Your Business From?

An insurance broker has a larger product package than a regular insurance agent that works with one agency. At Snellings Walters, our brokers can protect your employees, your products, your assets, and your business. To learn what exactly that entails, you can look here.

Why Use an Insurance Broker For Your Business?

Using an insurance broker for your business gives you value added benefits aside from the coverages offered. One value added benefit is that brokers have an extensive network to offer you. If you need help in a field they aren’t licensed or know enough about, they often times reach out to other brokers and professionals within the network to help with your needs. 

Another value add would be precise coverage and expertise for your business. Brokers can not only pick and choose which products better fit your needs, but also suggest ways to limit business risk and liabilities, or what to implement for your employee benefits.
Looking for an Insurance Broker for your company? We would love to help build a customizable platform of protection and expertise for you. You can reach out to us here to learn more.

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