Why Community Involvement is Important for Your Business

Having a cause beyond your everyday work is a crucial component to building a strong internal culture. Here are a few key reasons why community involvement is important for your business: 

Keeps Your Employees Engaged 

Today 85% of employees are disengaged from the workplace. 

Community involvement is a key way to engage with your employees outside of the 9-5 work hours. When your employees are engaged with your business, they will make sure to go the extra mile to help your company keep winning.

Aligns Your Team 

Encouraging community involvement helps to create a positive company culture and align your team toward a similar goal. It also gives your employees a way to spend time together outside of work hours. 

Helps Retain Your Talent 

Lastly, all of these benefits of community involvement have a direct impact on retaining top talent, especially in today’s workforce. According to the Harvard Business Review, 86% of millennials and 85% of baby boomers believe it is important that giving back is an At Snellings, our cause in the local community is to help put an end to cystic fibrosis once and for all. To learn more about why this cause is so near and dear to our hearts, click here.

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