What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

Running a business is challenging, but creating and maintaining a successful business is even more challenging. 

After many years of running our business, we decided we needed change and something sustainable that would help us focus on what is important to see better outcomes and more positive results. When we began implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), we started to see our organization grow. EOS has changed the way our organization operated, and we would love to share how and why: 

What is the EOS Model?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was created by the entrepreneur, Gino Wickman. EOS is a set of simple concepts and practical tools that help entrepreneurs everywhere get what they want from their business. When implementing EOS, you and your leadership team get better at three things: having a more clear vision, establishing accountability, and creating a more cohesive and healthy leadership team.

The Six Key Components and how the EOS Model impacted our company:

Within the EOS model, there are six key components that must be managed and strengthened to be considered a great business. The six key components are vision, data, issues, traction, process, and people as seen in the graph below:

When implementing our business with the EOS model, we focused on all of the six components, but we specifically honed in on the people aspect. A phrase often referred to in the EOS model is “right people, right seats.” When referencing “right people, right seats,” this means ensuring that each employee is in the right position or job. This all starts with having difficult conversations that tend to make people uncomfortable. Asking someone, ‘is this the right position for you?’ ‘What would you like to be doing instead?’ Once we had these conversations, this is when our transformation began. Once the right people are in the right seats, productivity increases, and there are better outcomes for families, clients, and partners. 

In other words, the key to success in our organization is having the right people in the right seats

We believe that the EOS model and the “right people, right seats” have changed our entire organization for the better. Once we found the right alignment within our organization, this made us stand out from the rest. We became authentic to making a big impact in our industry and found out what makes us grow. 

Our CEO, Billy Potter, says it best: 

“Because of EOS, we are creating a culture that says no matter what we do, ‘do you want to do it well with one another?’ That’s an environment that I want to go to. And that’s what I want our employees to be a part of every week, regardless of where the ship is sailing, they want to be on the ship.”

Want to learn more about EOS? Tune in here and listen to our CEO, Billy, join the Decision Vision podcast with Mike Blake presented by Brady Ware & Company about how the EOS model changed our organization for the better. You can also check out the EOS Worldwide website for more resources on how to get a grip on your business.

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