What Does it Mean to Have Truthful Engagement in the Workplace?

The term employee engagement is becoming more and more popular now that most of the workforce has shifted from working in the office to working at home. 

Employee engagement can be defined in multiple different ways. However, in summary, employee engagement is the relationship between how an employee feels abo their work experience and their performance. 

Without high employee engagement, it’s hard for an organization to achieve success. Here are a few characteristics that your leadership can practice that will help with truthful employee engagement: 

  1. Recognize Employees Often 
  2. Display Honesty Consistently
  3. Cultivate Trust Between Your Leadership Team & Employees 
  4. Give Employees a Sense of Belonging

These four characteristics overall have a similar theme of truthful engagement from leadership. The more your leadership team displays these four characteristics of truthful engagement, the more likely your employees will demonstrate truthful engagement in the workplace. When leadership fosters an environment that is more relationship-based, rather than rules and policies, that is when employee engagement begins to increase. 
At Snellings, Engaged is one of our values. To us, this means living out a more than me attitude in both our personal and professional lives. To learn more about our values and what sets our firm apart, click here.

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