What Does it Mean to Align Your Benefits with Your Employees?

What Does it Mean to Align Your Benefits with Your Employees?

Most companies are offering benefits plans that aren’t best for their employees or organization. It’s hard to get good people to stay in today’s job market – candidates are in the driver’s seat now more than ever. That’s why it’s so important to set yourself apart with strong benefits that meet your employees’ needs, are easy to understand, and align with your organization’s goals. 

Finding benefits that match your employees’ current wants and needs can be difficult, but here are some ways you can fill in that gap:

1. Simplification

Employee benefits tend to be complex and confusing. But they don’t have to be. When was the last time someone sat you down to explain how benefits break down? When you take difficult information that is hard to understand and break it down into smaller pieces, it’s easier to soak in and understand. Starting small makes a huge difference when it comes to employee benefits. 

2. Asking the right questions

This might be one of the most important ways to start thinking about your employee benefits differently. Your benefits should align with the results you want to achieve, your culture, and what your employees both want and need. In order to achieve alignment, you should be asking questions like “Are you confident in what your employees need?” and “Have you asked them what would make their lives better?” These conversations will change how you view your benefits process and make better decisions. 

3. Education

Employees who say their employer’s benefits communications are easy to understand are 99% more likely to feel valued or appreciated. That statistic alone should make you want to reassess your employee benefits and start investing in benefits education. Clarity surrounding employee benefits options allows employees to make more informed decisions for themselves and their families, leading to increased financial well-being and productivity in the workplace. When employees understand how their benefits work, their overall well-being is enhanced.

With these tips, you will be able to have a starting point in order to assess the alignment of your benefits with your employees. 

As mentioned earlier, perfecting this alignment can be difficult, but that’s why we are here to help! If you’re wanting to re-think your benefits process, here is our benefits guide.

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