Top Leadership Trends for Organizations in 2022

The pandemic has changed the workplace in many different ways, but there is one thing that has stayed the same – the need for strong leadership. Having strong company leadership in the post-pandemic, virtual workplace is critical to creating an environment focused on the well-being of employees.

Every year at Snellings Walters, we select a word to embody and focus on based on the book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon.

For 2022, our agency has chosen the word LEAD. The definition of lead is – an example that others want to follow. 

Here are the latest leadership trends that we are for 2022: 

Focusing on employee well-being: According to the CDC, depression causes an estimated 200 million lost workdays annually. Since the pandemic, employees’ mental health has taken a toll. Focusing on employee well-being by providing wellness programs, flexible hours, and work-life balance will not only help them personally, but it will also help them be a more productive employee during work hours. 

Developing a growth mindset: Developing a growth mindset is one of the top leadership trends for 2022. Over the last few years, we have seen the importance of being able to be nimble, shift plans, and continue to thrive in the face of obstacles. Being able to grow and experiment is critical in today’s workplace. 

Communicate frequently with your team: Communication is a key quality of any effective leader. Being as open as possible with your team instills trust and confidence about the future of their work and your business. 

If you’re virtual, take your culture to Zoom: As a leader, it is important to always be thinking about how your culture is impacting your team. If you’re currently virtual, create more opportunities to implement your culture virtually. Maybe this looks like hosting a monthly book club on Zoom? Or maybe a team lunch once a week? 

Be vulnerable with your team: Being vulnerable with your team allows for them to see you as a human being and not just their boss and leader. It also empowers them to come to you with honesty and creates more meaningful connections. 

Participate in your employees’ professional development: Be involved in conversations with them about what they want for their future and help them implement those goals by providing professional development opportunities and resources. 
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