3 Things We Have Changed Within Our Business

With every business, there comes a time when change is necessary in order to grow. For our business specifically, in 2007, Clay Snellings saw a bigger picture for our business that required change. To take our business to the next level, his vision was to expand the skillset within the organization and attract top talent to bring the agency to produce not only a successful business but also success for clients. 

Clay talks more in-depth about what makes a business successful in the video below.

Here are 3 things that our organization implemented that changed our business for the better:

  1. An environment of accountability produces quality work for our clients. 

As a company, we began to utilize the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which is a tool for leadership to find out if they are doing a good job of communicating and keeping everyone aligned with our core values.

“Using EOS® (a business management framework/model), we started creating an environment of accountability,” Billy Potter, CEO says.

We track everything that matters and have a metric on everything that we do. Having a tool to use to keep us accountable later produces quality results for our clients. 

  1. Placing our employees in the right role gives our clients someone they can trust. 

Our organization wanted our employees to be as valuable as possible to our clients. In order to achieve this, we used the Culture Index survey to identify each person’s behavioral traits or strengths so the agency can put them in the right role. “Once the right people are in the right seats, productivity increases, and there are better outcomes for employees, families, and clients,” stated Potter. 

  1. Creating a successful culture provides our clients with a successful partnership. 

Our organization’s ‘why’ doesn’t mention insurance, but rather focuses on creating a culture where every person is respected and where their talents are discovered and allowed to flourish. “What we have is unique,” adds Chip Renno, a Principal and Commercial Producer who joined the firm in 2018. “The agency is so committed to culture and profitable growth and doing things the right way,” stated Renno. When employees are fulfilled, they want to produce quality work for our clients, which merges into a great relationship on both ends. 

These three actionable items allowed our business to thrive- and so can your business when you find the pain points of your organization and find solutions. When you focus on the structure of your business, your employees, and your clients, this will help your business continually grow. For more resources and tips on how your business can continually improve, find our leadership blogs here.

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