Snellings Walters Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Former Chief Sales Officer William J. Potter appointed as company’s next leader

Photo courtesy of Snellings Walters

Atlanta-based property and casualty insurance and employee benefits company Snellings Walters announced that William J. Potter has been named its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Potter, who has served as Chief Sales Officer since 2020, was the unanimous choice as the company’s next leader by its Board of Directors. Former Chief Executive Officer J. Clayton Snellings, whose father founded the company in 1952, will continue to be involved in day-to-day producer activities and all major agency decisions as Chairman of the Board.

Potter’s career in insurance spans more than two decades. In 2011, he joined Snellings Walters to head the Employee Benefits Division, and quickly proved to be an effective consultant. His superior consultation contributed to his winning various awards within the agency, and in 2018, he was nationally recognized as “Broker of the Year” by BenefitsPRO Magazine. His reputation as both a top consultant and engaged team leader resulted in an invitation to become an owner at Snellings Walters in 2018. In his time as Chief Sales Officer, Potter has led his team to produce record sales for the agency.

With the collective desire for Snellings Walters to maintain its status as a privately held company, the Board of Directors agreed to selflessly dissolve the exclusivity of family ownership in 2007, paving the way for leadership from within. With his keen understanding of and dedication to both the industry and agency, Potter was the clear frontrunner to take the helm.

“I have had the pleasure of watching Billy grow both personally and professionally throughout his 10 years here at Snellings Walters, and he truly encapsulates the core values that not only drive our business forward, but empower our employees to do their best,” says Snellings. “The combination of his knowledge, experience, character and passion give me complete confidence in his ability to catapult this company into the future, and I can’t think of a better person to inspire the next generation of business leaders.”

J. Clayton Snellings

With its personalized, creative business approach and values-based culture, Snellings Walters has a reputation for providing a unique insurance agency experience for its clients and employees alike – which has proved to result in growth and success. Potter assumes the position as CEO with ambitious goals to double the agency’s size in the next five years.

“It is beyond humbling for me to know that the leaders I have long looked up to believe in me and my ability to carry on the vision and achieve goals of Snellings Walters,” says Potter. “I am honored to have the opportunity to build on the legacy that my predecessors have established within the agency. Looking forward, I am committed to creating an environment that inspires and supports employees, because that is what I was blessed enough to receive, and I am committed to paying it forward.”

William J. Potter


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