Lowering Injury at Work Claims in These “Dangerous” Industries

people at construction site avoiding injury at work

When it comes to the number of injuries at work, the construction and manufacturing industries are more prone to accidents than others. This is due to the nature of the work their employees perform on a day-to-day basis.

Knowing the probability of injuries and understanding the ways to avoid accidents can make all the difference in protecting your employees, enhancing workplace safety, and thus lowering claims. 


Regardless of what type of construction your business dwells in, one thing is for sure – you’re employees work in different environments with constantly shifting hazards around them. The most common injuries and fatalities include falls, being struck by objects, electrocution, and being caught in between something. 

The construction industry has improved worker safety by using more frequent training, keeping older and inexperienced employees out of danger, limiting hazards, over cautioning hazardous areas, and having regular inspections on job sites. With all of this effort, one in every ten workers are still injured each year and still have 71% more injuries than any other industry. 


While great strides have been made, manufacturing still ranks near the top in regards to work-related injuries. A single worker missing a day or more of work due to injury can have a significant operational impact on your manufacturing business.

Travelers Insurance states that even with the uptick in robotic automation, regular breaks, extra signage, increased training, and more supervision, the industry still sees over 100,000 injuries a year. The top causes of these injuries include touching harmful substances, overexertion, slips/trips/falls, repetitive motion, and contact with a dangerous object. 

Injuries happen in any industry, but these two industries require significant attention to workplace safety. Best practices say the best way to ensure your workplace, employees, and business stay safe is to review and improve your workplace safety plan. When an accident unfortunately does occur, we encourage you to make sure you are covering your business with the most appropriate insurance policies

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