How to Build a Company Where Your People are Fulfilled

How to Build a Company Where Your People are Fulfilled

Your company’s success should not be dependent on if goals within the company are being met or exceeded. It should also be based on how your employees feel about their work.

Once you build a company with a healthy culture, success will follow. Here are a few tools that our CEO, Billy Potter, discussed for helping your people feel fulfilled on the ParetoHealth Podcast:

1. Make People Better 

When referring to the phrase “make people better” it is the idea of identifying your employee’s weaknesses and trying to see how those issues correlate with problems at work. This is not to make people feel bad about themselves, but once you find what’s not working, it’s an easier way to make people better at their jobs and in life. For example, the issues employees are bringing to work are usually what they are also bringing to their own life or to their family. Once these issues are identified and worked on, people become better at their jobs and in their life. The more that employees work on themselves, the better they will be at work and for everybody. Once the root of the issue resolves, everything else begins to flourish along with it. 

2. Right People, Right Seats 

One concept our company continually uses is from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) model, called right people, right seat. Right people, right seat is pivotal in making sure that your company is successful. In order to find the right people, right seat for your company, it’s important to use personality tests/culture indexes to see people’s strengths and weaknesses and align them to the correct job based on these results. Once people are doing jobs that they not only will be good at, but also are passionate about and are intrinsically motivated to do, your people become fulfilled and will bring success to the entire organization. 

In order to establish a healthy culture and build a company where people are fulfilled, you must address all issues within your organization, and make sure your employees are aligned in the right position within their skill set. 

Below is a video of how our organization has utilized the concept right people, right seat: 

Want to hear more tips about how to build a positive culture? Tune in to listen to more here!

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