How the Culture Index Has Changed Our Team for the Better

A group from the Snellings team smiling together after a training on the Culture Index

In the workplace, we are often promoted and expected to interview, hire, and lead people with little to no leadership experience. We are challenging the status quo with our unrelenting focus on developing leaders. The Culture Index, created by Gary Walstrom in the 1970s, is an assessment tool used to grow businesses. It has become an integral business strategy for over 3,500 business leaders across many industries.

“At Culture Index, we help companies produce compelling results by connecting strategies and desired outcomes with the right people needed to deliver them. We support CEOs and owners across a spectrum of businesses and industries as they orchestrate growth.”

The Culture Index program is the method we use at Snellings Walters to first, know thyself and second, learn how to motivate and communicate with others based on their personality traits.

After taking the Culture Index, Tara Byrd, Employee Benefits Principal, was surprised by her results, but also felt validated in her feelings. She was in the wrong seat in our company. This assessment helped her make the jump from service to sales. Watch her story below.

“It gave me the confidence I needed for making the move I knew felt right. I just had more assurance from that. It’s been a really helpful tool, even in my personal life, to learn more about how I communicate with others, how I can better communicate with other people, what motivates me – all of those things are really captured in that.”

The Culture Index not only helps to ensure our team is in the right place and right seat, but it helps us all learn how we communicate with each other. These are important tools when building a business.

You can learn more about Culture Index here.

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