How One Word Can Change the Course of Your Business

Each year our team selects a word to live by and embody in both our professional and personal lives. This idea was launched from the book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon. 

One Word discusses how focusing on one word for an entire year can simplify and transform your business and life. The book dives into how selecting one word will create an impact on six key dimensions of your business – mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and relational. 

After our team read the book, we decided that to change the course of our business each year, we needed to select a company word to align on.

This year, we have selected the word LEAD to mark 2022. 

The definition of lead is – an example that others want to follow.

Leadership can take many different shapes and forms. We believe that leadership can be exemplified in the workplace, at home, in silence, or in front of a crowd. 

This year as our agency enters into a new chapter with Billy Potter taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer, our goals for growth continue to evolve. And with them comes a deepened desire to demonstrate leadership in all areas of our lives. 

When our team as a whole is aligned on one word, we can achieve better outcomes and be more unified. 

So, what is one word that your business can focus on for the remainder of the year? We promise it will change the course of your business.

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