How Can Your Business Have an Impact on the Community?

business impact on the community

Your business’ engagement in the local community shows where your values lie and what is most important to you as a company, and instills trust in your employees. Let’s take a look at some practical ways that your business can have an impact on the community. 

Partner with a Cause 

At Snellings Walters, we have chosen to join hands with finding a cure for cystic fibrosis. This cause is near to our hearts. Emily Snellings, the daughter of Clay Snellings and granddaughter of our founder John Snellings, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just three months old. 

Partnering with this cause has been transformative for our company and our team. We encourage your business to partner with a cause and create an impact in your local community! 

Create Volunteer Opportunities for Your Employees

Each year our team participates in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides Walk as a way to spend time together and directly impact our cystic fibrosis cause. We also offer employees a “Passion Day”, a day of extra PTO where they can volunteer anywhere of their choosing. 

A great way to encourage a healthy work culture and impact your local community is to provide structured team volunteer opportunities and offer paid time off for volunteering. This will boost your team’s morale, instill trust in your employees, and increase your business’ community involvement. To see how community engagement can be built into your employee benefits package and improve company culture, click here. 

Donate Money 

As a business, you don’t have to make large donations to causes in your community to make a difference. Giving consistently over time is important and can create an impact. 

A fun way to engage your employees in giving to your local community and create a team bonding experience is to host a contest. Instead of rewarding the winner with a prize, allow them to choose a community organization of their choice and donate money toward that cause.
We believe in the power of making a difference at Snellings Walters. Learn more about our cystic fibrosis cause here.

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