Helping More Clients Through a Partnership with Assurex Global

Snellings Walters joins Assurex Global

In August of 2022, we joined Assurex Global as a partner. Assurex Global is the world’s largest privately-held commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group. They operate as an exclusive partnership, supported by 100+ of the world’s most respected and successful insurance agencies. To become a partner, “firms must meet stringent selection standards, so clients know they are working with the best when choosing an Assurex Global Partner.” This is a prestigious partnership that will give us and our clients access to partners around the globe and will allow us to expand and enrich our expertise. 

Success Story:

One client in the service contracts industry was purchasing another large client in the space. This was a $500M transaction, which comes with a need for Reps and Warranties insurance. This client had been with us for 10 years and was looking for someone with specific expertise in Reps and Warranties. Through the Assurex Global partnership, we brought on a partner that specializes in this area. 

End result: The client was able to continue to deal with someone they knew and trusted for over 10 years vs having to enter a new relationship for this deal. And ultimately, the transaction was able to close due to the Reps and Warranties we put in place.

This is a prestigious partnership that will give our clients access to expanded capabilities – leading to better outcomes while working with their trusted team at Snellings Walters.

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