Client Success Story: White Brother’s Auto Parts

As a growing business, it is crucial to always be trying to find ways to make you better tomorrow than you are today. That’s why our goal at Snellings Walters is to provide our clients with meaningful work and create a true partnership that is both valuable and rewarding. 

We’ve had the privilege of helping our clients identify the critical issues facing their company. One client in particular who we have had the privilege of working with is – White Brothers Auto Parts

When we began our work with White Brothers Auto Parts, they felt that the traditional insurance market had underserved their company and their employees. 

“Every year we had 20-30% increases in the cost of benefits. Every year when you go up and up and up it gets pretty scary. We kept getting promised each year was going to get better, and it got worse,”

 Richard White, President & CEO of White Brothers Auto Parts.

That’s when we stepped in and utilized our unique process to attack the real issue at hand. We defined the problem, made assessments, aligned our decisions, engaged with the client, and implemented our plan to create successful results. 

Our team was able to meet with employees, sit them down, and break down their benefits and how to utilize them. After that, our team was able to assess and analyze how to get the White Brothers Auto Parts into a better position with their employee benefits package. 

Lastly, our team was able to bond with employees and offer them a service that showed that we want them to get the full value out of their benefits. 

“The way that the Snellings Walters team was able to build a relationship with our employees through their rollout, it’s an invaluable service,” 

Tyler Jones, Director of Operations at White Brothers Auto Parts. 

Our relationship with the White Brothers Auto Parts has been extremely valuable to our company, and we are so glad to have them as one of our clients. At the end of the day, our mission is to lead to inspire confidence so your potential is unleashed. 

Want a new way to look at employee benefits and a true partnership? We’ve got you covered. Contact us today!

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