Celebrating Excellence with our Partner Bravo Awards

Billy Potter clapping in front of a group of people as partners are awarded our Partner Bravo Awards

True success lies in fostering strong relationships with our partners, clients, vendors, and carriers, which are further strengthened by our unwavering commitment to our core values. These values serve as the guiding force behind everything we do, enabling us to provide exceptional service and unwavering support to our partners. With great enthusiasm, we now introduce the Partner Bravo Awards—a recognition program designed to celebrate those exceptional partners who exemplify our core values and go above and beyond in their commitment to excellence.

What are Partner Bravo Awards?

A Partner Bravo is a shining example of someone who embodies our core values in an exceptional way. This individual or organization is recognized and awarded quarterly, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to one or more of the following Core Values.

Our Core Values

1. Engaged – More Than Me

This award recognizes partners who take a genuine interest in enhancing our service efficiency. They proactively identify and address issues, and they exhibit grace and flexibility when challenges arise. Their active collaboration strengthens our relationship and enhances the overall partnership experience.

2. Accountable – Own Your Part

Accountability is a crucial aspect of any successful partnership. Partners who win this award take ownership of their responsibilities, providing necessary information promptly. They aren’t afraid to acknowledge mistakes and ensure timely renewals.

3. Curious – Seek to Understand

Partners who win the Curious Bravo Award are constantly seeking to understand the role of insurance in their business or family. They ask insightful questions about their risks and coverage needs, maintaining a collaborative approach with our team. 

4. Authentic – Your True Self

Authenticity is the key to building trust and confidence in any partnership. Partners receiving this award are transparent and consistent in their interactions. They provide direct and honest feedback, inspiring confidence that we share common goals and work together as a team. 

Celebrating Extraordinary Achievements with the SWIA Delight Award

The Partner Bravo Awards provide us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our partners. We deeply value the dedication and commitment they bring to the table, contributing to the success and growth of Snellings Walters.

Each quarter, we carefully assess our partners’ alignment with our Core Values above and recognize the deserving individual or organization with the SWIA Delight Award. 

The exceptional efforts of our partners serve as an inspiration to us all, setting a standard of excellence that drives us forward.

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