Kurt Seiler

Advisor | Emerging Market Employee Benefits

Why Kurt does what he does: To raise the bar for myself and those I interact with via healthy competition, collaboration, and constantly improving competence. When I was a kid, my Boy Scout troop had a motto that stuck with me: leave it better than you found it.

Kurt began his insurance career on the carrier side working for State Farm during his college days at Kennesaw State University. He learned through early formative experiences that insurance wasn’t just about a policy or a piece of paper that says you’re covered – it’s about having the client’s back and fulfilling promises. My favorite career moment to this day is riding along with that State Farm agent as he hand-delivered a loss-of-use check to a homeowner whose house had just burned to the ground the night before. Without that immediate assistance from our office, he might not have been able to get a roof over their head or a rental car for his family that week. In that moment I realized money was not just a means of keeping score, but rather to accomplish the necessary utilities of life. What really has meaning is being there for your family, your clients, and your community when they need it the most.

Fast forwarding to now with almost a decade of experience on the independent agency side, those early lessons still have a strong hold on me. I will never lose sight of what matters – protecting families and employees through the conduit of insurance.

Kurt grew up in Atlanta and still resides in the heart of the city today. An avid fan of competition and challenging puzzles, he is a participant in combat sports and competitive swimming.
In his downtime, he enjoys touring Georgia’s vineyards with his girlfriend, and scooter surfing Atlanta’s “ beltline.”


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