Jennifer Goodwyn

Principal | President & Chief Operating Officer

Why Jennifer does what she does: With a grateful heart, live an inspired life through meaningful interactions and God-filled moments.

Leading a learning environment, Jennifer enjoys helping teams simplify the complex. She operates as a highly engaged executive and find the greatest rewards in leading a values-focused culture, investing in people’s personal and professional development while driving best in class standards through proven process. She likes to move fast and enjoys collaboration, problem solving and implementing change strategies.

In her 30+ years executive career, including senior officer roles in Fortune 500, private equity and entrepreneurial enterprises undergoing evolving business strategies, including organic growth, M&A, globalization, market segmentation/diversification, and cultural/organizational restructuring, she has worked with exceptional teams. Jennifer’s work experience has resulted in a unique understanding of diverse investor/corporate/global philosophies and she has a track record of proven leadership and delivering results in dynamic business models and multi-source revenue streams spanning multiple industries, consumer and corporate customer segments, and domestic and international retail and business sectors.

Jennifer was raised in Dallas, TX and graduated from Spring Hill College and Harvard Business School. As an active member of St. Jude Catholic Church she resides in East Cobb, GA with a houseful of golden retrievers. She also enjoys traveling, reading and community service work.


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