Are Your Employees Trained to have a Cybersecurity Mindset?

Are Your Employees Trained to have a Cybersecurity Mindset?

Most cybersecurity breaches are caused by people, whether intentional or not. Your employees are your business’s greatest strength, but they also can be your greatest risk.

People are people, and we make mistakes. The mistake could be as simple as unintentionally opening an email that causes an infection, but it’s important to mitigate as much risk as possible. So, how do you ensure that your employees are trained to have a cybersecurity mindset? 

Continual Education 

Continual education is the most important aspect of cultivating a team that understands cybersecurity. This starts with the leadership and officers of your company and trickles down into the organization as a whole. In fact, the most high level crime typically starts with senior management. 

Once your employees are educated on the basic levels of cybersecurity, they will begin to understand why it is so crucial. Cybersecurity training should start in the onboarding process, and continue periodically throughout their time as an employee to ensure that your team is staying informed.


Create a plan for how to best communicate cybersecurity information and send updates to all employees. This will ensure that all departments are on the same page and abiding by the same principals. 

Reward Employees 

Reward employees who successfully thwart a security breach or find a vulnerability in your security system. And share these stories openly with your team. They will motivate all of your employees to be on the same page and continue to be mindful of cybersecurity threats. 

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