5 Most Common Questions About Commercial Lines Insurance

5 Most Common Questions About Commercial Lines Insurance

Insurance can be a very confusing topic. Every business is different, therefore every business has different needs when it comes to developing an insurance plan.The more you know, the better, to ensure proper coverage and protection. Here are the 5 most common questions about commercial lines insurance. 

1. What insurance should I consider? 

“Our process is as unique as you are.” This is something we say often at Snellings Walters. Each business is different and requires different things. For example, a landscaping company will have different needs than a retail store. Our brokers walk our clients through exactly what they need, why you need it, and can help you decide which products best fit your needs. 

2. How much coverage do I need? 

This goes along with what type of insurance to consider. Most people are unsure of how much coverage they need and that’s why it’s important to call in experts to assess your business. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating if you are over or under insuring your business. 

If you are unsure of how to evaluate how much protection you need, we would love to help. We have a customizable platform that provides you with the security that you specifically need. You can reach out to us here. 

3. What is general liability insurance vs. professional liability? 

General liability and professional liability cover different risk exposures. Only general liability can cover a visitor slipping and falling on your property, while only professional liability can spare you from the high cost of alleged professional mistakes. You may need both if your business is subject to high risk. To learn more about the difference, click here. 

4. What types of insurance are available for small businesses? 

This is a question we get often at Snellings. When it comes to insurance you always want to be over protected vs. underprotected. Here are a few steps for your small business to follow when assessing what types of insurance you need.  

5. How do I file a claim and when do I file a claim? 

If you have never filed an insurance claim before then this process can definitely be a little bit intimidating. The first thing to note is, if an incident occurs, file the claim immediately. At Snellings, our insurance brokers can walk you through the step by step process of what this looks like. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when filing a claim. 

Still have questions about commercial lines? Our team of experts would be happy to help you! Learn more about our commercial lines services here or reach out to us directly here. 

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