3 Tips for Managing a Claim after a Natural Disaster

managing a claim after natural disasters

Hurricane season lasts from May to November, and while we’re approaching the end of this whirlwind of tropical storms, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. With the Bahamas being greatly devastated by Hurricane Dorian, and even some areas of the United States left with significant damage, it’s important that businesses not only prepare and insure their business properly, but also understand what goes into managing a claim after a natural disaster.

3 tips for managing a claim after a natural disaster

1. File your claim as soon as possible. 

Natural disasters can cause not only structural damage to your business, but financial damage as well. The longer your business is not operating, the more money you are losing. While business interruption insurance can help recover some of these lost profits, it’s always better to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Make sure to get in touch with your insurance advisor as soon as you are made aware that your business was impacted. 

2. Get contact information from all of your insurance appraisers.

After you’ve filed a claim, someone(s) will be sent over to appraise the damage that was done. Sometimes multiple appraisers will be sent over depending on their area of expertise. Some may work directly for your insurer, while others may be independent contractors. Make sure you get a business card from every individual who will be touching your claim (directly or indirectly). Not only will this keep you organized, but it’ll help you get in contact with the right people should you have any questions. 

3. Talk to your insurance broker for details (and for a confidence boost).

Your insurance broker is the person you should go to if you have any questions, concerns, need updates, or if you just need a boost in morale. Your insurance broker is your advocate for when a coverage question or dispute arises. Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage to your business, so it’s completely reasonable for you to be worried about where your claim is at. This is why it’s so important for business owners to choose a broker they trust

At Snellings Walters, we always put the well-being of our clients and their businesses first. We pride ourselves in working as an extension of your team to get your business the coverage it needs. If you have any questions about your current policies or how to better insure your business against natural disasters, reach out to us here, or give us a call at 770-637-1734. 

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