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Better outcomes for your business and your employees

“When we hired Snellings Walters, they were very transparent and we had a bunch of candid conversations. Over two years, we’ve saved over $2 million dollars on our health insurance.”
– Santina Daily, CLM, Director of HR, Chamberlain Hrdlicka Law Firm

Still shopping carriers to find the best rates?

  • 67% of employees don’t believe their organization understands which rewards are relevant to their needs.
  • 33% of employees don’t understand their employee benefits communication.
  • 55% of employees wish they were more informed about their benefits so they could get more value from them.

It’s time to start thinking about your employee benefits differently.

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On average, our clients save 24% from the original year.

  • Alignment

    We help you align your employees’ needs with your business’s needs by asking the right questions.

  • Education

    We help you understand your benefits through in-person educational meetings with your employees.

  • Strategic Solutions

    We help you tap into the root issues of your business by offering different strategic benefit solutions.

When you’re ready for change, we are here to help.

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Having an employee benefits consultant who aligns with your business is critical to your employee’s success and satisfaction. Are you asking the right questions? In our employee benefits guide, we share the questions you should be asking your benefits consultant.

  1. What type of process do they use?
  2. Are they educating and engaging with your team?
  3. Will they help you stay competitive?

Download the guide to selecting the right employee benefits consultant below.

Ready to start thinking about employee benefits differently?

How we work:

Our Questions:

We seek to understand, surfacing the right issues and finding the right solution.

Our Process:

We align your business to your people, moving toward your goals.

Our Results:

We save you money and put the control back in your hands.